Farser is a web based HL7 message viewer that displays fields, components, sub-components, and repeating fields in an easy to read format.

HL7 messages are fairly easily readable by humans however since the number of fields in a segment can get lengthy it can some times be difficult to read values between the delimiting pipes.

Farser parses the HL7 message and displays an easy to read table of the Fields, Components, Sub-Components, and Repeating fields. Allowing for easy identification of specific fields as well as the values contained in the particular message fields.

This site is server side rendered for SEO and speed however the code parsing the HL7 message pasted into the farser page is running in your local browser and NO PHI is sent to our servers and NO PHI is stored.


Juxtapose is a web based tool to compare HL7 messages and display the non-matching fields along with the differing values from the given messages.

Quickly view a list of fields whose contents do not match by populating the MESSAGE 1 and MESSAGE 2 fields with valid HL7 messages.

Click a row in the list of fields with differences to highlight the row to make it stand out.


The Mirage tool can be used to generate common healthcare interoperability message types that contain fake data in commonly used fields.

Use cases include:

  • Use Mirage's JSON API to programmatically generate test messages
  • Use test messages to populate fake patient data into a database
  • Use fake messages to create fake patients on FHIR endpoints
Contact us for ways we can help automate testing.